Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Relic

Tomorrow I plan to start work on The Relic.  I have the whole day off and plan on dedicating most of it to writing.  Fingers crossed that it goes well and I can get the first few chapters off for editing.  It's not that I haven't started it, because I have, I just haven't gotten as far as I would have like to have gotten at this point!  I am really excited to introduce you to a new series of characters and hope that someone will admit sharing a fear of Orca's with me when I am done!  Come on people, they don't call them Killer Whales for nothing :)  Not that I don't like them, it's more that I am terrified of them.  Anyways...  Be on the lookout for a guest blog I am participating in, along with a giveaway, I'll post details when it happens.  Also, The Enchanted Island Series is going to be featured on a blog tomorrow promoting series of books so I'll post the link so you all can check it out.

Thank you again for all of my ongoing support and know that I appreciate all of you!

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